Our Story


How we got our start

The founders of Omiii are originally from Taiwan and currently live in Australia, U.S., and Canada. A common thread among the founders is that while there is abundance of Taiwanese foods in each of their adopted home, it is difficult to find the same amazing, plant-forward Taiwanese eats that they’d discover whenever they visit Taiwan. Afterall, you can only stuff so much food in your suitcase with each visit before you become suspicious with the Customs Officer. 

While the founders know that the plant-based food culture in Taiwan is diverse, innovative, and super delicious, they wanted to come up with a way to bring that culinary experience to people who have yet to visit Taiwan. And just like that, Omiii was birthed to bring this idea to life! 

Taiwan is home to 23 million people and 13% (2nd highest in the world) of the population lead a plant-centric lifestyle. Taiwan has a matured and sophisticated plant-based industry featuring a great number of companies that are constantly innovating to introduce products that are better for the planet, animals, and personal health.

The founders of Omiii want to bring that mouth-water ing plant-based culinary experience from Taiwan to you. We sincerely hope that you will travel to Taiwan and experience the veggie richness yourself, but for now, please enjoy an Omiii box full of Tasty Compassionate Eats that we hand-picked for you from Taiwan! <3

Ken Shih
Ken Shih
Chief Architect
David Chi
David Chi
Chief Strategist
Henry Yeh
Henry Yeh
Director of Operational Excellence
Joey Teng
Joey Teng
Tech Ninja

Our Promise to You

  • Latest compassionate culinary experience that Taiwan has to offer
  • Delicious plant-based foods that are rare to find anywhere else
  • Always customer-centric to exceed your expectations


“I was so excited to see the items in last month’s box! The veggie snack was something I’ve never seen before and it was delicious!”
Ngan N.
Kansas City, MO
Food & snacks

Starters’ Guide

As a subscriber, you can expect:

  • Omiii box filled with 13-15 hand-selected food items shipped from Taiwan to you monthly
  • Content in the Omiii box is curated by our team in Taiwan to bring you the latest and most delicious eats
  • Categories of food can include exclusive snacks, new instant noodles, seasonal treats, traditional Taiwanese eats, and secret sauces & mixes that can enhance your cuisine

Omiii provides plant-forward culinary experience from Taiwan to you. By “plant-forward”, we mean our products are either 100% vegan or vegetarian. We have a preference to assemble Omiii boxes to be fully vegan; however, we do include vegetarian products if we believe the product is incredible and should be experienced by you. 

On our Products page, we will label each item as “vegan” or “vegetarian” with a detailed list of ingredients. Please refer to this page for allergy information. 

Note: Omiii does not claim to be exclusive vegan. We strive to provide a positive & delicious plant-forward experience to anyone exploring the compassionate lifestyle.