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As a subscriber, you can expect:

  • Omiii box filled with 13-15 hand-selected food items shipped from Taiwan to you monthly
  • Content in the Omiii box is curated by our team in Taiwan to bring you the latest and most delicious eats
  • Categories of food can include exclusive snacks, new instant noodles, seasonal treats, traditional Taiwanese eats, and secret sauces & mixes that can enhance your cuisine

Omiii provides plant-forward culinary experience from Taiwan to you. By “plant-forward”, we mean our products are either 100% vegan or vegetarian. We have a preference to assemble Omiii boxes to be fully vegan; however, we do include vegetarian products if we believe the product is incredible and should be experienced by you. 

On our Products page, we will label each item as “vegan” or “vegetarian” with a detailed list of ingredients. Please refer to this page for allergy information. 

Note: Omiii does not claim to be exclusive vegan. We strive to provide a positive & delicious plant-forward experience to anyone exploring the compassionate lifestyle.


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Omiii want to bring that mouth-watering plant-based culinary experience from Taiwan to you.